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Complementary services

Complementary services

Illumination Studio

For projects that encompass big areas, photometry plays a very important role. It permits architects and designers to ensure lighting will be sufficient for the area in question. The study is a complementary service for the company's clients and may helpful for analyzing, verifying, and confirming illumination levels, lighting intensity, uniformity, electrical density, and space between fixtures, among other relevant data. A free service for all Besser Lighting’s clients.

Servicios Complementarios

Analysis for return of investment

Given that updating your lighting system will help you save money continuously, Besser Lighting can easily determine how fast a customer’s savings will pay back for their investment. The analysis for return of investment is a financial tool designed for helping clients take better decisions regarding investments in lighting systems. This is made by making an exhaustive analysis and comparison in total costs of the lighting system beyond the initial cost. Energy costs and operational hours are used to calculate payback, internal rate of return, flows, net present value, greenhouse gas emissions, among other relevant data for your project so decision makers can be well informed and select the most viable option.

Servicios Complementarios

Case study: Return on Investment

Venus V2 Series

The proven success of the products and the return on investment made Reckitt Beckinser choose to replace its traditional lighting fixtures at its plant in Atizapán, Zaragoza, State of Mexico. for our High Bay Venus V2 MO model lighting system, which exceeded expectations with savings of 73% and a return on investment of 1.55 years.

Servicios Complementarios